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Outdoor Educator Apprenticeship Program APPLY NOW


18 +

2022/23 Dates

Thursday or

September – May



8:30am – 3:30pm


North or South Austin


$2,200 or
$300 Deposit w/
$225 Monthly Payments
for 9 Months

Become an Outdoor Nature Skills Instructor

Creating leaders in the nature connection community


-Looking to help the next generation get outdoors more?

-Want to create a nature-based program for your school or organization?

-Seeking a community of passionate environmental educators?


How would you like to spend 9 months learning how to connect children to nature by helping lead outdoor expeditions that include building shelters, making fires, collecting wild waters, making clay pots and wooden tools, eating wild edible plants and using plant medicine to heal our wounds while on our wild adventures? That’s why Natureversity has created the Outdoor Educator Apprenticeship Program. To help parents, teachers, troop leaders and organizers to have the training and capabilities necessary to execute an inspirational and exciting opportunity for kids in the outdoors. To challenge themselves, learn to work together as a team, build self confidence and find a sense of happiness when it comes to going outside to play.


What Will You Learn?

A balance of Outdoor Wilderness Skills & Nature-based Mentoring

The foundation of our approach to nature mentoring and outdoor leadership training is hands-on learning. As an apprentice you will help aid the instructor staff at Natureversity in either our Weekly or Monthly Nature Programs. These programs help provide students, ages 5-12, with the opportunity to meet once each week or month in order to learn all about naturalist studies, survival skills, archery & scouting. This provides the apprentices the valuable opportunity to work each week with a wide variety of ages as well as skill levels. Apprentices are offered either 1 to 3 days in the field with our seasoned nature mentors, shadowing, learning from and assisting. They will also get a chance to participate in some of Adult Classes at Natureversity as a volunteer and as a student in order to learn Wilderness Skills of:

  • Natural History & Ecology
  • Survival & Primitive Skills
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Outdoor First Aid
  • Traditional Archery
  • Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants

With this basic set of skills as the cornerstone of our education curriculum to connecting with the outdoors, apprentices will also learn all about Nature-based Mentoring that include areas of study such as:

  • Outdoor classroom etiquette & organization
  • Managing and leading small and large groups while outside
  • Working with other outdoor educators as a team
  • Managing disruptive behavior in the outdoors
  • How to develop hands-on nature-based curriculum for outdoor learning
  • Practice leading nature based games, activities, challenges and organize projects
  • Outdoor agreements that aid in safe play, respectful communication and leave no trace principles
  • What safety measures and hazards should you be aware of when leading an outdoor classroom
  • Learn about what inspires children about nature and how to tap into child passions to use them both for teaching
  • How to use the natural cycle of learning in the outdoors
  • and so much more…


When does the program meet?

Apprentices meet each week from 8:30am – 3:30pm on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. 

Apprentices are also encouraged to attend our Tuesday Nature Skills Practice & Staff Meetings. This will help them get an idea of what it’s like to plan out the days of the week for our Outdoor Nature Programs as well as work on some cool skills to teach the kids or enjoy for yourself. Apprentices are also encouraged to Volunteer at Adult Classes at Natureversity as well as the Youth Weekend Classes to learn as many skills that they can over the course of the 9 month program. 


How long does the program run?

The program runs once a week from September to May for a total 34 weeks – or 34 days. There are 4 weeklong breaks during the program. 1 for Thanksgiving, 2 for Winter Break & 1 for Spring Break. 


Where does the program meet?

Our weekly nature programs are held in South Austin at Mary Moore Searight Park off of Slaughter Road. We have meetings each Tuesday mostly at Mary Moore Searight Park also but may sometimes meet in other locations around Austin at local parks as well such as Austin Nature & Science Center, Circle C Park, Roy G Guerrero and a few others.


How do I apply?

You MUST be willing to commit to at least one of the programs for the duration of the school year, September to May (34 days)

Please email the following information to