Natureversity Outdoor School

Natureversity is an outdoor environmental education located in Austin Texas. Our mission is to create a regenerative nature based learning culture that promotes the restoration of eco-literacy among children and adults through the practice of earth based crafts, skills and traditions. We offer classes, camps and community building opportunities in the Central Texas region


Outdoor Nature Educator


Aug 22, 2022 – Aug 11th, 2023


Head Instructor


$34,000 – $38,000/YR

Position Description:

Natureversity is not your typical outdoor school. We are seeking outgoing, gregarious, enterprising individuals to join Austin’s premier wilderness skills mentoring team. Our unique approach to education fosters a meaningful connection to the outdoors through naturalist studies, survival skills, archery, and scouting. Youth ages 5-16 spend the day of class or camp immersed in the fields, forest and waterways of undeveloped natural areas – harvesting resources, constructing shelters, crafting tools, exploring the landscape, mastering fire skills and surviving limitless challenges together with their teachers. Instructors will help craft our nature-based programs in order to cultivate positive group energy while keeping kids safe and engaged. 

Our Outdoor Nature Educators help provide the core focus of Natureversity; bringing groups of kids into nature, away from facilities, with minimal gear, and engaging them in a self-directed inquiry into basic, personal and group outdoor needs. His/Her role in this task will be to assist and instruct the youth on basic outdoor survival skills in the wild including but not limited to: primitive technology, fare making, shelter construction and the procurement of food and water. Field Instructors also mentor youth in naturalist studies, stewardship of the land, and building healthful relationships with nature. Outdoor Nature Educators also aid with Monthly Programs, Weekend Classes, Family Programs and other events that Natureversity hosts or sponsors. 


Employment Period: Mid August to Mid August (42 weeks)  Summer Season: June – August (10 weeks)



  • Creating and implementing experiential outdoor immersions for diverse groups of youth in the context of outdoor survival skills, archery, naturalist studies and scouting
  • Role-modeling passion and enthusiasm around engaging with the elements of nature
  • Facilitating group energy and responding swiftly to group needs in order to effectively manage and engage each participant in a positive experience
  • Actively contributing to efforts of leadership team in planning, preparing, delivering and evaluating each week and each day of programming
  • Representing the high caliber of the organization when speaking to kids, parents, staff and guests or participants
  • Delivering high-adventure experiences while keeping an unfailing eye on the safety of each activity and each participant and co-worker in accordance with risk management protocols
  • Exemplary communication skills with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Competent risk management skills for outdoor educational settings and beyond
  • Working 2 Saturdays & 1 Sunday each month from September to May
  • Working with ages between 5-16


  • Must have up to date CPR and First Aid or WFA, WFR or WEMT
  • Driver’s license and/or the ability to get to and from various program locations
  • 2+ years of outdoor education experience or training
  • 2+  years experience working with children ages 5 to 16
  • Natural history and ecology knowledge
  • Willingness to work in an ever changing environment and tackle new problems each day
  • Ability to learn and convey skill sets effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrate a high level of comfort and curiosity in the natural world
  • Passionate about learning new material and practicing new skills outside of work with other staff
  • Demonstrate ability to inspire and relate positively with youth and teens
  • Reflect on a range of personal experiences working independently and with a team
  • Be a highly functioning communicator with past experiences working with people of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrate ability to thrive in rigorous outdoor physical education activities
  • Previous experiences with naturalist studies, archery, and survival skills